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  • Bath Salts Take time out to soothe tired, aching, overworked muscles with Westlab  Create an aromatic, mineral-infused bath using Epsom and Dead Sea Salts, with Eucalyptus essential oil and White Willow and Arnica to revive the body. The 100% natural and vegan blend of mineral-rich salts will relax and unwind body and mind, for a calming bath experience that revitalises the body. Add 2-3 handfuls of Westlab’s salts to warm water to create a fragrant, mineral-infused bath.Key features

    Epsom and Dead Sea Salts
    Helps you to take time out to relax and recover
    Eucalyptus essential oil and White Willow and Arnica to revive the body
    100% Natural
    1kg bag

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